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WhatsApp is a fun Application used to converse with family, friends, and relatives. If you are a tech-oriented person or an inquisitive person, you will know that WhatsApp has so many features that make it outstanding. In this article, I will show you a WhatsApp trick that you are going to love. You will learn how to create a group on Whatsapp.

Talking about the top 3 best Android, or IOS chatting Apps without mentioning WhatsApp would be a sick joke. WhatsApp is home to billions of users around the globe. My best part of WhatsApp is its features that aid chatting. Some months ago I wrote on how to use WhatsApp quote reply, an awesome feature that was embedded in WhatsApp sometime last year.

I, however, noticed that some people still find it difficult to create a group on WhatsApp. Due to that fact, I had to pick up my laptop and start writing.

Moving on;

Groups are essential on WhatsApp. Don’t mistake groups for a broadcast list, these are two different things entirely. A group is basically an online room where you can chat and share information with friends or family. A group has lots of features. You can remove and add as many people as you want (that’s if you are the admin of the group).

A broadcast list, on the other hand, is just a list of numbers in no particular other. A broadcast list saves stress. You can send a particular message like (My Party starts at 5 pm) to 100 numbers on your broadcast list without having to send the message to the recipients individually. A WhatsApp broadcast list is almost the same as a WhatsApp group, but there’s still a huge difference. In a broadcast list, when people reply you, you will receive the messages directly whatsapp group links.

Okay, enough about the WhatsApp broadcast list.

WhatsApp groups can be a great way to connect certain people together.


Uhm, here are some examples. Let’s say you are a teacher in a school and you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a website for students to take assignments and announcements, you could open a WhatsApp group and add all students to that group for announcements, test and just about anything.

Another example is If you want to connect your extended family together. All you have to do is, make sure the phone numbers of your family members are on your mobile device, create a group on WhatsApp and add all numbers to the group. A great name for a nuclear family group could be ”The Johnsons”, and a name for an extended family group could be ”One BIG Family”

Just saying! LOL

Okay, now that you have seen how useful WhatsApp groups can be, it’s time for you to know how to create a group on WhatsApp.

How To Create A Group On WhatsApp

1.Open WhatsApp

2.Tap on the WhatsApp utility or menu Icon.

3.Select ”New group”.

4.Add specific people to your new group by tapping on their names/numbers then finally tap on the arrow Icon located at the bottom right.

5.Input a group subject or name. Add a group photo if you want to, and finally, tap on the check mark to complete creation.

Wasn’t that hard, was it? That’s basically how to create a group on WhatsApp. If while following the steps you where unsuccessful, you can simply go through the steps again. Thanks for stopping by.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

Q: How do I Add more people to my WhatsApp Group? 

A: This is as easy as ABC. Open WhatsApp > Tap on your already created group > Tap on the top-most section of your WhatsApp group for your group details to pop-up > Scroll down and tap on Add participants > select the new numbers or names you want to add to your group and choose OK.

Q: How do I remove people in my WhatsApp Group?

A: Open WhatsApp > Tap on your already created group > Tap on the top-most section of your WhatsApp group > Scroll down and tap on the individual you want to remove > Click on remove (contact).

Q: How do I change my Group name?

A: Open WhatsApp>  Tap on your already created group >tap on the top-most section of your WhatsApp group > Click on the existing image > Tap on the pencil icon located at the top right of your Android screen >Tap on Gallery/camera to choose a new photo. You can tap on (remove icon) to remove existing photo.

You might have heard people lamenting that WhatsApp has gone out of hand. When they say that, they don’t mean to discount all the good things about WhatsApp (and there are many). What they’re really complaining about are WhatsApp Groups. 

Up until now, members in WhatsApp groups were free to do anything. They could change the name of the group, profile picture, and even send unlimited (read spam) messages. However, that has changed completely with the new restricted group settings introduced recently.

Now WhatsApp group admins have more powers and rights than before. They can limit changes to group info or even make the group one way. Meaning, only the admin can send messages.

We will go into all the details related to restricted group settings in this post. By the end, you will know what are restricted groups and how to create them.

Let’s jump in.


A restricted group, in simple terms, refers to a group where there are certain limitations on the rights of the members. These new settings help in making group chats more reliable (and less annoying).

In order to avoid spam and unnecessary group messages, WhatsApp has given two new powers to admins. With these new rights, the admins have more control over the groups. Earlier, the only powers the admin had was to add or remove members and grant admin rights to someone else. But now, the admin can keep a check on the members in a tougher manner.


You don’t need to create a new group to make it restricted. All the existing groups can be made restricted by changing a few settings.

As mentioned above, the admins can restrict two important things related to groups. First, the admin can restrict group info changes. Secondly, the admin can lock down groups.


Earlier, since admins didn’t have much control, any Tom, Dick, and Harry could change the group name and profile picture. This wouldn’t be an issue in case of family and friends groups, but for business or professional groups, this was a headache. Any notorious person would change the information making it embarrassing for everyone in the group.

Thankfully, now admins can stop members from changing any group information including group name, picture, and description. Since a group can have multiple admins, all the admins have the right to change these settings.

To restrict group info settings, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp group whose privacy settings you want to change.

Step 2: Tap the top bar where the group name is written. You will be taken to the settings page. Here tap on the Group settings option.

Step 3: Under Group settings, tap on the Edit group info option. A pop-up will appear asking you to choose from All participants or Only admins. If you want only the admins to make changes to group info, choose Only admins.

Once you enable the setting, a notification will appear in the group saying that the admin changed the group setting.

Instead of the edit icon, the members will now see an encircled i icon and tapping the icon will generate a pop up saying Only admin can edit this group’s info.


As an alternative to broadcast lists, WhatsApp has introduced the one-way group-messaging feature. When enabled, only the admins will be able to send messages in the group. The other members will not be able to reply to the messages in the group, they can only read them. Unlike broadcasts, however, members of the group will still be able to see each other in the group.

To restrict group messages, follow the steps:

Step 1: Open the group that you want to restrict and tap the top bar. Then tap on the Group settings option.

Step 2: Hit the Send messages option. You will be asked to choose who can send messages to the group in a pop-up. Select the appropriate option and tap Ok.

If you change it to Only admins, a message will appear in the chat mentioning that the group settings have been changed. The reply or the message box in such a group will be replaced by a text that says Only admins can send messages. Tapping the word admin will show all the admins with the ability to direct message them. The messages that the admin will receive will have the group name as a quoted message.

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